Welcome to the EudraCT result training environment home page

The European Medicines Agency has launched a training environment for the result application of the European Clinical Trials Database (EudraCT). This environment is destined to representatives of sponsors and sponsor-investigator who wish to gain further understanding in the use of the EudraCT result application.

Users and registration

All users have to register to access the training environment. Once registered, the user can self-assign trials. Please click on the link 'register' on the left inside.
Please refer to the EudraCT public website to access the help and training material for result related matters.

Trial assignment

The assignment of trials is done by clicking on the “register” button and following the instructions provided on the screen in that section. Please note that the “request assignment” link can be used for training purposes only. The use of this functionality in the training environment will not lead to an official request and none of the trial requests prepared using the functionality will be lead to trial assignment.

  1. Whilst not logged in click on the 'Register' link in the left panel to navigate to the registration page.
  2. Once in the registration screen either login or first register (if you have not already done so) then login.
  3. Once logged in you will be able to assign yourself a new EudraCT number for which you will be able to create results against. The selection of the EudraCT number is random.
  4. When you log back in to the training environment and go to 'Your page' you will see that the EudraCT number has been automatically assigned, and will be able to create/edit results.

System and data availability

Note that the European Medicines Agency does not guarantee the availability of the training application. The system may be unavailable, without prior notice, due to maintenance purposes.
The system may be refreshed from time to time and this may cause the loss of data saved into the application as well as loss of user log in credentials.
Any trials data prepared in the EudraCT training environment are for training purposes only. Any actions taken by the user to prepare and post the results of clinical trials will not lead to the publication of the information on the EU clinical trial register.

Result-related information

The user can in the EudraCT training environment perform the following tasks:

  • Create, update, validate and post result data sets, and load summary attachments to the EudraCT training application
  • Save locally XML/PDF files of result data sets
  • Load locally saved result data sets to update, validate, or to post to the EudraCT training environment (the information is not published in the EU clinical trial register)
  • Manage users and delegate trial activities to other users
For further help, contact eudract@ema.europa.eu

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EudraCT Service Desk email: eudract@ema.europa.eu

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